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Welcome to Buriganga Riverkeeper

Water is the most vital ecological component of the environment, and fresh water scarcity is now a core issue in the global environmental discourse. Proper management of surface water is crucial for all nations. As home to the world’s largest river delta, Bangladesh in particular requires immediate attention to its surface water management. Rivers and wetlands across Bangladesh are severely threatened by pressure from climate change, overpopulation, corruption, and poor or non-existent planning.

Inspired by our collaboration with the global Waterkeeper Alliance movement, we are introducing the Buriganga Riverkeeper in Bangladesh to save one of our most critical fresh water resources: the Buriganga River. Led by the country’s first Buriganga Riverkeeper, Sharif Jamil, this ground-breaking initiative aims to organize and engage stakeholders across the social and political spectra to build public awareness and drive community action to reverse the degradation of the vital Buriganga River.



Sharif Jamil
Buriganga Riverkeeper

The river Buriganga gave rise to modern-day Dhaka city over 400 years ago, and the life of the Buriganga remains intertwined with the life of Dhaka. Saving the Buriganga is crucial to saving Dhaka. To save the Buriganga, we all have a responsibility to protect the river against ongoing degradation. To that end, I have initiated my effort to save the vital Buriganga as the first Riverkeeper. As Riverkeeper I pledge to patrol and monitor the river, collect data and publish the findings, and gather citizens to participate in this critical undertaking. Please become a part of Buriganga Riverkeeper to save the Buriganga and Dhaka. We must work together to gather information, increase awareness, and build our efforts to save the river Buriganga.

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