100 bad things about me. 100 GOOD Things (with a Few Bonuses!).

100 bad things about me

I make great GF pizza I eat cheese when I make it. I never understood addiction until I got addicted to PC games. A few weeks ago, Mama Tulip posted her list of things about herself and inspired me to do so myself. I choose to see the good in the people I interact with today. For this article, I decided to divide my list into themes to make it easier for other people to think up their own reasons. 100 bad things about me

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  1. Most days, I like it and most days, I do it well. I waited tables throughout my teens and into my early twenties. How You Make Me Feel:

  2. They are just reasons I love my boyfriend because of who he is. I used to buy gallons of apple juice and intentionally let them ferment and get fizzy before drinking them.

  3. On the flipside, there was a time when I was addicted sort of to Twitter. But I love blogging. Doing home projects is not one of my favorite things, so I can put them off near indefinitely.

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