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Am loop antenna

In AM radios built prior to the discovery of ferrite in the midth century, the antenna might consist of dozens of turns of wire mounted on the back wall of the radio — a planar helical antenna — or a separate, rotatable, furniture-sized rack looped with wire — a frame antenna. You can improve your reception by improving your antenna. That made it easy to use a single link switch to do what I wanted it to. You could make two spst link switches, one to add a fixed or second gang and the other to disconnect the capacitor from the circuit. These antennas are also used for radio direction finding. This requires a rather expensive and physically large resonating capacitor with a large breakdown voltage , in addition to having minimal dielectric loss normally requiring an air-gap capacitor. As with all antennas, smaller antennas are less efficient radiators than larger antennas. Am loop antenna

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  1. Induction cooking For wireless power transfer the power sending and receiving devices are informally called antennas, but currently the majority of wireless power devices one might casually come across are small charging stations for hand-carried devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. A common distinguishing feature of small loops is that their direction of maximum transmission or reception is within the plane of the loop — the opposite of large loops, whose maximum is perpendicular to the plane.

  2. Use Tune your AM radio to a station with weak reception. Connect a radio to the untuned 2 turn loop and tune the main coil with the capacitor. One method is to rely on a second loop antenna located at a second location, or to move the receiver to that other location, thus relying on triangulation.

  3. However, unlike with capacitors, the voltage across a physically large inductor is generally not an issue. Then measuring down from the top of the pole 25 inches, I drilled a series of 21 holes going back up the pole, 15 holes, one for each turn, one for the end winding.

  4. I am curious whether the shape and size of the loop is critical to the efficiency of the AM reception and how you determined the optimum design. Ferrite[ edit ] Ferrite loopstick antenna from an AM radio having two windings, one for long wave and one for medium wave AM broadcast reception. You could make two spst link switches, one to add a fixed or second gang and the other to disconnect the capacitor from the circuit.

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