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Do you even go pro bro

How do you guys deal with it? Romans 13 was NEVER meant to be preached and interpreted as absolute obedience to any and all government laws or rules or whatever. A constitutional republic is a well-armed sheep contesting that vote! Romans 13 basically says that God gives the Power of the Sword to authorities and rulers for the purpose of justice AGAINST various types of criminals, murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. Are you a little coward? They deserve our deepest contempt. Do you even go pro bro

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  3. Be supportive and empathetic, without enabling alcoholic behavior. There is a lot of factual information since I so devoutly studied the Bible, and found very interesting things in it; that I would like to share with everyone who posts, and reads the posts on thi website. They said the company has since built an HR structure, stopped its party culture and hired executives to help take the company forward.

  4. People who are experienced leaders, they know how to handle it well. Create empathy with the alcoholic and protect yourself and your feelings. Sites like Hatreon, PewTube and Gab cater to controversial, far-right figures, many of whom were kicked off more traditional sites like Patreon, YouTube and Twitter.

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