Goodnight my love quotes for him. Amazing Romantic Goodnight Texts.

Goodnight my love quotes for him

Let the moon envelop you with warmth, and the stars in the sky will make your dreams come true. For me, you are the 8th wonder of this world. You should make efforts that you can to remind him that he is rolling over your mind in the morning, day and night. If your love is true, you know all faults of the person, but they are unimportant to you. Love is always only your choice. Good night, my love. But love between two people is everything. Goodnight my love quotes for him

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  1. Listen to the waves crash on the shore. And when my unspoken desire to be held was whispered by my heart It was quickly answered with your first tender, romantic embrace. When you lose your love, you hate this paradise.

  2. All lovers know that they can hardly avoid thinking about their soulmates a hundred or even a million times during the day. Our destinies are bound in heaven, I see your face in the clouds, and hear your voice in the rustling of the leaves.

  3. You made me a sensitive, strong and confident man, with me you can afford the luxury to be a weak woman. You stole my heart when i first saw you, i did say give it back but now i decided you should keep it. In such moments, men should not be afraid to be romantic.

  4. A smile can fills a heart with joy so wake up and fill your heart with joy by your handsome smile.

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