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How to be a good ally

Well, this is your chance! Of course, everyone should show solidarity with people of all queer and trans identities. They belong in our homes, advocating for our acceptance. They belong in a space where they can support us and our work. To support an oppressed group, allies need to actively demonstrate solidarity by calling their peers out or in, by listening to the oppressed group, and by holding space for us in times of tragedy , to name a few ways of showing support. How to be a good ally

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  1. And to get intersectional, white queer and trans people need to be allies to queer and trans people of color. This is a fun project that came about when an editor at Audible contacted my agent to see if I had any interest in doing an audio original story and, of course, I said yes! Because of this common reaction, I want to reiterate an important truth:

  2. Being a part of the queer or trans community, on the other hand, is a matter of identity and not action.

  3. But often, this misinterpretation of the acronym actively erases and harms asexual and aromantic people. Allies belong on the sidelines, cheering us on. Wednesday, April 11, St.

  4. The erasure of asexual and aromantic people from the acronym is a symbol of a deeper issue. Who are they really supporting?

  5. The acronym represents identities, which ally is not. Well, this is your chance! Abled queer and trans people need to support their disabled counterparts.

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