I am a manly man. Elite Commando.

I am a manly man

It took three guys to carry it to him. August 2, , 1: I almost want to see him putting Jared through PT. Blackcypher August 5, , Once again the tiredness kicked in and I had to retire down below for a sleep, I think I lasted about 30 mins on the tiller! I went to London a couple of days ago to have the mask made up plus have a MRI and a CT scan of my brain, this is to ensure that when they do use the stereo tactic knife they will only remove the tumour and not any good brain tissue. But the still do good things, I am a manly man

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  1. After I went vegan, I fell in love with cooking which turned out well. You learn new cooking techniques. So with no chemo for six weeks I must be out there having a ball and enjoying life right?????

  2. Scott August 3, , 2: And some of us envy you. On a whole-food, plant-based diet like my One Ingredient Diet , dropping extra pounds is almost automatic, even without any other changes.

  3. Alan August 3, , 2: It took three guys to carry it to him. Its unrelated to the comic, I just woke up.

  4. It took three guys to carry it to him. Coelasquid August 2, , 4: I have put a link to it here , it saves me having to type it out because even doing the blog tires me out.

  5. Blackcypher August 5, , But apparently Pardo has a versatile voice, as he does Quest, Grer, and Khaos on that show. And some of us envy you.

  6. Your Obedient Serpent August 2, , 3: Only two of the guys could flip it at all, but of them one got a perfect throw. It turns out, vegans are the only group successfully doing this.

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