Just natural rough and bumpy skin lotion. .

Just natural rough and bumpy skin lotion

It controls dry skin all year long The rest of my skin is great but that dry patch just kills it. It is painful also around my lips. What can I take internally too? Its important to remember that what works for you may not work for others as ethnic backgrounds have different skin,as someone who is fair you skin tends to be dryer and will age more due to lack of melanin in the skin. I have keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin on my upper arms. Just natural rough and bumpy skin lotion

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  1. Try taking a bath at least a couple times a week over a shower this too will help reduce dry skin. Senior pics are coming soon!!!!!

  2. I'm only 13 and i feel so embarrassed to go out in public and have to face school everyday.

  3. Then use a washcloth to remove the excess before you go to sleep so that it's not oily and greasy.

  4. If i scratched the flakes it would turn red then flake over again. Google Ancient Exfoliation you'll find it. I'm allergic to honey as i just tried it the other day and came up with a red puffy face.

  5. My lip felt like normal again!! I even tried hypoallergenic lotions but i still received bumpy redish skin after a while.

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