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List of firsts in life

Within six days, the two sailors receiving oranges and lemons had almost fully recovered; one was able to return to duty, the other was appointed to nurse the remaining patients due to his improved health. Set in New Guinea in the s, this narrative full of danger and desire is propelled forward by the thrill — and the risks — of seeking out new knowledge. He received three injections, one after the other. In May of , Mary strangled four year old Martin Brown in an empty house. Steve Fossett , in the story high balloon Spirit of Freedom, circumnavigated the globe between June 19 and July 3, List of firsts in life

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  1. The earliest ambulances were horse-drawn, first used on battlefields to carry wounded soldiers to safety and treatment. The physician Thomas Latta, like many of his time, took a keen interest in discussions over the disease. First scientific institution in America, founded by Benjamin Franklin.

  2. Unfortunately, she died several hours later after having been turned over to the hospital surgeon, who failed to repeat the procedure.

  3. You will save lives—and can even read Listverse on your phone while you do it. While this use of compulsion made great headway in eradicating smallpox, it also gave birth to the anti-vaccination movement. In , a glider designed by George Cayley first flew.

  4. Believing Socrates to be corrupting children, he was put on trial, found guilty and sentenced to death. The forerunners[ edit ] First alleged human flights[ edit ] In the year , several prisoners of Emperor Wenxuan of Northern Qi , including Yuan Huangtou of Ye , were forced to launch themselves from a tower attached to a kite, as an experiment.

  5. Wilbur Wright flew 4, feet 1, m in about a minute and a half on September 20, By , vaccination was compulsory for all babies younger than three months—and in , everyone under the age of fourteen had to be vaccinated against smallpox.

  6. Sophie Blanchard was killed when her hydrogen-filled balloon caught fire and crashed to the ground on July 6,

  7. Alberto Santos Dumont , Philadelphia Firsts Founding of Pennsylvania January 5. While this mixture was not as safe as modern anesthetics, it was certainly effective—and its effects allowed Hanaoka to perform a partial mastectomy.

  8. The assassination was carefully planned. A doctor named W. Jean-Pierre Blanchard used a parachute in to escape his hot air balloon when it ruptured.

  9. The first poisoning, the first lethal injection, the first time a robot killed a man… Here are the Top 10 firsts in homicide! Cholera often killed its victims by causing severe dehydration, since people who were stricken by it could produce up to five gallons of diarrhea per day. One of the most important factors in vaccination is herd immunity , ensuring that enough people are immunized to prevent the spread of a disease through a community.

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