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Marvin winans you never let me down

The family's most accomplished musician, he sometimes sneaked such music onto the record player at home, only to have his brothers tell on him. But my aim is to educate the music industry and let them know we don't feel secondary because we sing gospel music. My aim has always been to present it in a first-class way. Just recently on this tour, we were in Chicago and I was doing some shopping at Marshall Fields. By the late 70s the Winans Family had their first brush with the record industry. Marvin winans you never let me down

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  1. I had the radio on and I had already planned to commit suicide. We have our disputes and disagreements, but we've been taught how to settle them.

  2. It too received a Grammy nomination. Apart from the brothers, other doors began to open for the Winans family. He was married by the Rev Marvin Winans, of course.

  3. I think that's one of the main problems in the world today. We have to take a lot of criticism, but that's OK. There aren't too many families that have held together.

  4. We had clothes, maybe not the best, and we didn't get much at Christmas, but we always had love.

  5. BeBe, who has produced several pop artists including Whitney Houston and Stephanie Mills, as well as 'He's A Friend', a duet between sister Debrah and pop soul megastar Bobby Brown on Brown's new album, says his sisters "were hunted down by record companies like cannibals. With his group the Disciples, Crouch recognised that the sound of quartets, choirs and traditional gospel music was anachronistic to younger believers and the world. Crouch began to graft the new, highly produced sophistication of soul music onto older black gospel traditions.

  6. David's musical tastes tended to the secular, which at that time didn't sit well with either parents or siblings.

  7. David remembers, "Sam wanted me to come to bars but I told him I couldn't because I was church all the way. It was in Detroit that David Pop and Delores met and married. By the late 70s the Winans Family had their first brush with the record industry.

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