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Nail polish display rack diy

Photos by Sara Albers. There are about 13 holes in our wall now. Source These storage cubes are actually shoe boxes. You could use any color combo of nail polish. I thought I would get one of those plastic ones — like they have at the salon? Nail polish display rack diy

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  1. There are about 13 holes in our wall now. Photos by Sara Albers. They are not that easy to find and they are pretty darn expensive.

  2. Anyway, I got them put together, spray painted them a happy shade of orange, and filled them with nail polish. You can buy the here. Glass Vase This is definitely not the most organized way to store your nail polish, but it would look so pretty on display on your vanity, it seems worth it.

  3. Also, sometimes people need 3 or 4 nail polish racks. I wish I had room for this shelf and all the nail polish to store on it.

  4. Lightly stir with stick to make a marble look in water. Probably much more affordable, but not exactly my taste.

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