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P4 sydney olympic park

Minor paint blemishes and minor surface rust, no rust in chassis. Please read these conditions before booking! New 5 slots with new tyres. All lights, chrome, etc, are good. The WRX deserves a good new home. It is as sweet to drive as it looks. P4 sydney olympic park

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  1. It came without an engine but I have an OK R that could go with it. Interior very good too. The employees put forward hundreds of suggestions, and two were implemented, producing the finest linseed oil in the industry.

  2. The only non-original items are as follows: Cherished by the same owner for the past 18 years. Car in South Australia.

  3. AP2 rear glass window. Also a couple of small marks on bumper rubbers. Tickets can be purchased or picked up from select agencies Only!

  4. This is a very rare model being that there was only GTS F1 models ever produced and only a few examples were sold in Australia. This included full panel and paint of the bare and blasted shell in clear over silver, re-trim in black velour using original materials and carpets, full mechanical rebuild including of the legendary NSU Wankel rotary motor.

  5. The magneto which goes with the car has been replaced with a volt electric system. Banjo Paterson recalled in his radio interview in the river had declined and was now lined with factories. Car is in the Perth Hills.

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