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Pays de la loire wine

Anne was working in an office district near Paris in her former life but decided one day to part with the corporate world, she moved to the Loire with her man Gregory Chahut et Prodiges and began to make wine herself Autour de l'Anne but somehow while keeping her chai in the Loire she took up parcels in the Languedoc Pic Saint Loup , hauling the grapes back in the Loire. Sweetness feel in the mouth but again it's the fruit or the gras of the wine. This is a great vintage for Pic Saint Loup. Very nice wine indeed! In the 17th century, Dutch wine merchants laid the foundation for the Muscadet style by encouraging the villagers of Nantes to plant the early ripening Melon de Bourgogne grape to use in the production of their brandewijn— distilled wine with brandy added to it. Pays de la loire wine

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  1. A buyer who knows the wine says it is terrific with oysters, seems right to me. For red wines there has been more emphasis on extending the maceration time of skin contact in order to bring out more color and tannins into the wine.

  2. Not my style of wine. Carbo, made in a higher fermenter which crushed a bit the grapes under their own weight, so there's more juice bleeding out, but shorter maceration.

  3. Vinified in cement vats, part in Nomblot eggs. The domaine is located in Saint Patrice on vineyard located on both Touraine and Bourgueil appellations.

  4. The wines are produced in an oxidative style, making them taste very different more nutty, less fresh and fruity than other Chenin Blanc from the region.

  5. They're not doing biodynamye though, just organic with some use of essential oils. Tastes like a red with character.

  6. Such a juice, a fruit, great tannic touch. Not tooo tannic, I'm told it has to do with the sufficient maturity which is not always possible on certain vintages. In they attacked and destroyed Tours and its famous abbey, later destroying Angers in raids of and

  7. Light, very nice drinkability. Vineyards are close to the right bank of the river or nearby on soft, sheltered slopes. Sells well in Japan, I can understand that

  8. Speaking of the awkward IGP appellation, Pierre says they have more freedom under this vin-de-pays appellation compared to the AOC, in terms of varieties for example.

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