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Shaggy hairstyles for round faces

Creating this look is insanely satisfying because it allows the client to understand that with the right haircut, your hair can come to life! Use a fluid shine solution for extra shine of your gorgeous brunette locks. By doing this you can visually create length and slim down your face. Although very little styling is required, styling products are a must! Middle parted hairs with light bangs in the front gives an elongated illusion to your face. Shaggy hairstyles for round faces

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  1. It works on most hair types and can be styled depending on your hair type with just a little effort. An old-school shag traditionally hits between the collarbone and upper chest, but face shape and hair texture should really determine your most flattering length. And of course, topping any texture of hair off with a bit of finishing spray never hurts for a look that bends to last through long days.

  2. If you enjoy letting your hair do its thing with little to no effort, this is the style for you.

  3. For someone with straight or slightly wavy hair, I love to use sea salt spray. Face-Framing Layers and Subtle Caramel Balayage Long layers are common in all sorts of haircuts for all types of face shapes. The single long wave of the angled cut goes from slightly shorter in the back to swooping in right at the jawline, which is a great way to narrow and feminize the lower part of the face.

  4. Soft Medium Length Waves When it comes to medium hairstyles for round faces, do not be afraid to experiment with different hair textures.

  5. Straight layered hair has never looked more beautiful. This ever so voluminous shag is a favorite of mine due to its natural, lived-in shape and the movement it creates. The shag reigned supreme in the 70s, but this modern cut is much more feminine and versatile.

  6. Opt for a choppy and angled cut to amp up the edgy factor of your hairstyle even more. You can also experiment with different texture too. The combover offers a casual, free-spirited feel, and just the slightest sense of waviness will always accentuate your best features.

  7. The shape of the face rather look amazing with this hairstyle and it also gives a younger look on your face.

  8. Not only the silhouette of your haircut matters. This hairdo is on the longer side of mid length styles, so it is a great choice for those who are nervous about losing too much length.

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