Tips for photos. headshots and professional portraits.

Tips for photos

After having made many mistakes with getting my exposures right, I worked out that if the sun is behind me and in the face of protestors I will set exposure compensation to underexpose by a stop to bring out even tonal range. Most cameras and camera phones will exceed this minimum, and bigger is better! Show buyers what your item will look like on them by using a model, dress form, or mannequin rather than a hanger or by laying it on a flat surface. At the other end of the scale, a long telephoto lens allows a greater working distance and lets you be more selective about the background, as it will have a narrower field of view. Don't add text or artwork. Tips for photos

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  1. Look at different styles. Try photographing your cat outside when the sun is low in the sky.

  2. It also opens doors for more photography further down the track. This causes a variety of colors to be bounced back when a flash is aimed at them, but typically it will be blue in a kitten and green in an adult cat.

  3. I often return to the same places year after year, so I bring along prints and look for the people I photographed previously.

  4. If there is no way you can make the available light work for your photo, shoot in the shade.

  5. If you set your aperture to a smaller size indicated by a greater f- number you can achieve what is known as deep DOF, where both the foreground and background are crisp, clear and in focus.

  6. Photograph all angles and include close-ups of patterns, trims, hardware, or textured materials.

  7. Try to abstain from these before your shoot Arrive on time. When performing this technique, try not to stretch or enlarge the size of the moon. Was this page helpful?

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