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Tomato basil soup crock pot recipe

I have a full-on tomato jones going. Trust me — once you make this easy tomato soup recipe, you will never buy a can of the stuff again! This weekend is going to be good. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. And none of us are tomato fans except tomato soup and ketchup , so don't be afraid to make this recipe if you're not a tomato fanatic. First time making tomato soup. Tomato basil soup crock pot recipe

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  1. My boyfriend, roommate, and myself devoured the entire pot for dinner! Nor do I want to. Next time I make it, i'll use the fresh stuff, because this is one great recipe!

  2. Other than that this soup is mostly tomato, which I believe the way a true tomato soup is meant to be.

  3. It's just pure comfort food, especially when you pair it with a grilled cheese and a glass of milk I know, I sometimes have the palette of a 9-year old. Add some brown sugar to taste and have cheese cloth or something on hand to strain out seeds and still keep juice.

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