Walking dead season 8 how many episodes. Season 8 - Part 1.

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Walking dead season 8 how many episodes

Also starring[ edit ] Emily Kinney as Beth Greene , a soft-spoken teenage girl, Hershel's younger daughter, and Maggie's younger half-sister. Morgan and Rick come across the runaway Saviors whom Rick intends to kill despite being asked to not kill them. Caleb Subramanian, a doctor, who has joined the prison community and is more commonly known as "Dr. The Prison[ edit ] Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuels , a young girl, who has joined the prison community and suffers from psychological problems. Shortly before the tanker car was cut loose, it was revealed that the noise made by the train during the travel to that point caused a large number of walkers to congregate and pursue them, who managed to catch up to the train at this point. Post-war moments reveal The Militia delivering supplies to the Sanctuary to help them re-build. While Enid is for just killing her group and taking what they want, Michonne believes they need get all the allies they can get. Walking dead season 8 how many episodes

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  1. She tries to hail it to no avail. Now the pistol has standard grips. After some deliberation, Maggie considers the trade and is given a set of plans on how to better The Hilltop.

  2. Starring[ edit ] Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes , the series' protagonist , the father of Carl and Judith, and a former sheriff's deputy , who recently relinquished his leadership over the survivor group out of disgust towards his own previous actions as leader. Brave to a fault, Carl begins to develop a callous mentality in response to the lethal landscape of a savage, new world.

  3. While they also discuss the lowering supplies, Eugene puts one and one together that Dwight is a mole but keeps the information to himself. After some hesitation, Cyndie lets them live but warns them not to come back.

  4. Having become alarmed of his cold ways he is attempting to redeem himself by caring for a family he encounters. They come across a small group of walkers feeding on a dead elk. The group flee in the RV, forced to leave most of their supplies behind.

  5. Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon , Daryl's violent and unreasonable older brother, who disappeared in the first season; seen in a hallucination.

  6. Molly also warns of Crawford: Rick retrieves the baby girl from the building, and Aaron, lost Eris, volunteers to take her to the Hilltop.

  7. Watching the optional third tape reveals Molly was a citizen of Crawford, and was trading sexual favors with the doctor in exchange for insulin for her diabetic sister.

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