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Wedding gift etiquette when to give

However, you should use your discretion. The gift should directly relate to your now-relationship with the couple and how much you can personally afford. The reality is, if you are extended family or an acquaintance that the bride and groom felt obligated to invite…they might just rather that you decline the invitation so that they are not on the hook for your evening. You should invite anyone you want, just like you would if you were getting married at home. You need to give your guests as much advance notice as possible so they can save money for the trip, ask for time off from work, get the best travel deals the earlier they book, the cheaper it will be and make any childcare arrangements. Wedding gift etiquette when to give

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  1. Or, you might just be frugal. The bride and groom have so much going on, it will be difficult for them to figure out where to put it and who to give it to for safe keeping.

  2. Its seems that a lot of readers are incensed that the bride and groom would dare to expect a gift. Weddings are not things to turn into arguments — one should not bicker over what is and is not proper etiquette. I mean, maybe three fondue sets one for chocolate, one for cheese and one for oil , but five?

  3. Many readers have pointed out that their presence is more important than their gift and it is not fair to expect them to decline just because they cannot afford a gift. If something legitimate does come up at the last minute, and you truly cannot attend — you absolutely need to let the reception hall know so that they can make adjustments. The Wedding Planner TheKnot.

  4. But when it comes to this, destination wedding etiquette is a little different. I personally do not look at it as trying to match my gift to the plate cost. No one will expect an invitation.

  5. You might not be able to afford it at the moment. Basically, what happened is that the bride Laura and bride invited the gift giving guest Kathy to their wedding.

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