Wedding protocol for guests. Roles & Duties.

Wedding protocol for guests

In some regions of Poland, the tradition to invite the wedding guests in person is still upheld. Some couples and families feel, contrary to proper etiquette, that in return for the expense they put into entertaining and feeding their guests, the guests should pay them with similarly expensive gifts or cash. Usually it's his buddies who "steal" the bride. Sometimes small coins are also tossed for the children to gather. Another tradition is bride kidnapping. Wedding protocol for guests

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  1. The groom is expected to introduce his new bride to friends and relatives who have not previously met her.

  2. I have attended a few western weddings including my own, and compared to Russian ones they are just plain boring. But there is much more before they are allowed to go! As was said before, Russians marry early, usually when both partners are still at college or university.

  3. In Krevati, friends and relatives of the couple put money and young children on the couple's new bed for prosperity and fertility in their life.

  4. A day where, as the bride, she is rightfully the 'star of the show'. She holds the bridal bouquet during the ceremony and is responsible for the organisation of the other bridesmaids. Most ceremonies take place mid afternoon and last about half an hour during which the marriage schedule is signed by the couple and two witnesses, usually the best man and chief bridesmaid.

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