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What is a g shock watch

As with Swatch watches, G-Shocks have become collectors items. They let me know it got there. I came in to get a very important watch fixed. Great experience and they will be my and my family's go to business for anything G-Shock. Really great people to work with with excellent service at a very fair price. They are honest, prompt, and professional. Many newer G-Shocks feature metal steel or titanium banding and analog timekeeping. What is a g shock watch

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  1. I would definitely recommend to friends and return for repeat business. It looks great and works great. I would definitely recommend them to others and use them again for future repairs.

  2. They are honest, prompt, and professional. Thank you Ticking Times, so glad to know where to find you!

  3. Raymond was very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend their service to anyone! Their work is flawless which they stand behind, to me most importantly.

  4. Upon approving the price, I was transferred to an office staff person to handle the transaction. I agreed, and my watch was returned to me in mint condition.

  5. I queried the company site of the watch maker and they referred me to Times Ticking. I agreed, and my watch was returned to me in mint condition. Caleb and Andreas helped me and did a great job.

  6. He even gave me a great water resistant application and I have used it three times in the first week! The entire transaction was easy to complete and within in a week's time had the watch back in use.

  7. Their service was wonderful and they kept me informed throughout the whole process. They immediately commenced working on the watch and within a couple of days called me back to say their work was done and they were returning it to me by insured mail. Germany Watches tune to the

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