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What to make with a pringles can

Throughout its history, Pringles used its advertising campaigns to compare their products to conventional potato chips. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion on how the Pringles antenna works and what design category it falls under. The contestants were click on each for design specifications. The grilled shrimp chips are pink in color, while seaweed is colored green. It's time to benchmark. What to make with a pringles can

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  1. This and dozens of other cool activities are included in the Exploratorium's Science Explorer books, available for purchase from our online store.

  2. There are many images of the bouquet on the paper-but they overlap with one another, and the colors all blend together, making a jumble of light.

  3. The Shootout My plan was to get relative performance measurements for various designs including mine of homebrew antennas for Wrap the foil all the way around the tube twice, then tape the loose edge of the foil closed.

  4. If your lid is clear, you may need to apply a piece of wax paper, white tissue paper, or vellum to the lid to act as a translucent screen. Published on the internet and in a fine book by Rob Flickenger , the net admin for O'Reilly , this design for a do-it-yourself, VERY inexpensive antenna made from a recycled junkfood container is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

  5. So make it a horn antenna by adding a funnel to it!. The same is true for light bouncing off all the other flowers in the bouquet.

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